Photo exhibition Jan Kovařík - Hills and Valleys

Photo exhibition Jan Kovařík - Hills and Valleys

Autor fotografií

Jan Kovařík was born in Beroun in late winter 1980. Since his childhood, he had a positive relationship to nature and sport. During his university studies he visited national parks of the U.S., Russia and many European countries. After completing his studies, he joined the tour of Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar and South Africa.

"I've always loved nature and traveling. I enjoy to visit new landscapes, far from civilization, where nature is pure and intact. Travel for me is a source of relaxation, inspiration and countless experiences. In addition, I am happy when I can my experiences of travel (like photographs) share with others. I like good people, sports, music and friendly atmosphere.

I am using nothing special for taking pictures. For some time, I was the owner of "SLR - Canon EOS E7, but It was not comfortable for " motion on the ground ". I prefer a small compact which pins to the backpack or pocket and I take it only when needed... and it's almost all the time. For example, if you standing in the beautiful landscapes. Beautiful places in our country is still enough, but unfortunately they are fast disappearing. I wish to keep forever these places wild and unbroken."

I will be very glad if you will enjoy my photos and feel at least a little inspiration.

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